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Creating a great CV

A well-crafted CV is your greatest aid in the hunt for a new job. Get it right, and you’re halfway there. Yet anyone who has sat on a governing body selection panel will know that the standard of CVs…

Staying positive throughout the year

Staying positive throughout the school year is an ideal that just might be worth pursuing. It’s natural for there to be dips in our sense of well being at various stages of the year, and we’re not talking about hollow positivity that refuses to acknowledge the very real problems that many teachers have to face day in day out.…

10 top tips for your demo lesson

For many, the most stressful element of a teaching interview is the demonstration lesson. With no idea about the class ‘characters’ and often having just received the news that you now have only half the time you were asked to plan for, you feel you are expected to roll up and blow their socks off.…

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