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Are Good Teachers Born or Made?

The perpetual issue of teacher quality is once again up for discussion. The Economist’s lead piece for June makes the valid point that what matters in schools is teachers, and presents a compelling argument for improving initial teacher education (something we discussed in last week’s article). The piece claims that good teachers are made rather than born and that teacher training (ironically, an outdated term) needs to be founded on a rigorous science of pedagogy.…

Interview with ‘Inspirational Teacher of the Year’, Abi Steady (Part One)

On July 1st, the Leicester Mercury School Awards were held in celebration and recognition of those who go above and beyond their duties to support young people. One of the winners was Abi Steady, who was awarded ‘Inspirational Teacher of the Year’ by our very own Gerry Manolas for the work she does to share her knowledge with other teaching staff. We spoke to Abi to find out more about her approach to teaching and creating the right team in a special educational needs (SEN) environment.…

Interview with ‘Inspirational Teacher of the Year’, Abi Steady (Part Two)

It was recently announced that we’ll need 750,000 more school places by 2025 to support the pupil population. Following on from last week’s interview in which she talked about the importance of getting the right team in place in an SEN school, Abi Steady, Deputy Head at Ashmount School and winner of the ‘Inspirational Teacher of the Year’ award at the Leicester Mercury School Awards, shares her thoughts about how to stop the leakage of teachers in the industry.…

Recruitment doesn’t have to break the bank

New figures from Labour suggest that Secondary schools are struggling to recruit staff. The party has claimed that over the last 6 years there has been a 61% increase in advertising spend in schools across the country. Secondary schools have been affected the most, having spent an estimated £56m on advertising vacancies in 2015. We believe it doesn’t need to be this way and, as a business started by a teacher specifically to challenge the high cost of recruiting in the industry, we believe that recruitment advertising should be effective AND affordable.… Read more

The marking juggling act

On paper at least, teaching has to be one of the most rewarding careers out there, across a wide range of factors. From the difference teachers make, to the lives of all the students in their control, to the variety of duties that you have to perform – not forgetting to mention the opportunity to take your working environment abroad to virtually any country on the planet – at Eteach, we love celebrating the impact teachers have.…

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