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teaching abroad

Visas and work permits

If you decide you want to move abroad and teach overseas, you will more than likely have to apply for a work permit/visa for the country you are planning on moving to. To find out more about work permits and visas, view our information guide for the most popular locations qualified teachers are moving to.…

Tips for teaching abroad

The experience of teaching or working in schools abroad can be both life enhancing and a good career move. It helps people of all ages gain a global perspective on life, living among people from different cultures, learning new skills and languages as well as developing an educational profession. Before checking your passport and reaching for your suitcase, follow Eteach International’s top tips to a completely rewarding experience.…

10 reasons why you should be teaching in the UK

At eteach we know a thing or two about what makes the UK one of the greatest places on earth to pursue a teaching career. We've selected our favourite reasons for why the UK should be the next destination on your career journey.…

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