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About Humanitree School

Welcome to Humanitree...

a new paradigm in education that will allow us to give our students a unique preparation for life. We offer child centred learning which is inquiry based and supported by cutting edge ICT. This nurtures the child's self confidence, skills and potential, preparing them to thrive as a global citizen in the 21st century.

Why work for us


With flexible spaces that inspire and stimulate curiosity, Humanitree classrooms are designed to give the children the possibility to explore using all of their senses and have lots of fun while learning.

In each classroom we use iPads, iPods, iMacs, Macbooks and Smart interactive boards. 


The new information and communication technologies are a fundamental element of the Humanitree curriculum. They reinforce both the learning and the teaching processes and develop in children abilities such as computer skills, collaboration and maturity that will enable them to use technology properly. 

At Humanitree we have chosen the technological resources that are suitable for the different grade levels, taking into consideration the educational needs of each age. All our equipment is child friendly.

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