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About Laude Newton College


Founded in 1991, LAUDE Newton College is a private, non-grant maintained, non-confessional, liberal school.

Laude Newton College has been, since it was founded, an innovative, international, mixed, bilingual (English-Spanish) school. The British National Curriculum is imparted in Early Years and Primary (the studies being convalidated in Spain and the UK). At Secondary and Baccalaureate levels, as well as the requisites of the Spanish education system, we impart the Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme, both of which are under the umbrella of the prestigious International Baccalaureate Organisation (I.B.O.), of which the school is a member.

Laude Newton College has its own special working environment. Apart from the excellence in teaching of both English and Spanish languages, Valencian is taught from the first year of Primary Education and German from the last year of Primary education. This provides all of our pupils with a multilingual education, which will enable them to interact confidently in international and multicultural situations.

Laude Newton College is not just another school. It is a Centre in which the work carried out within the community of pupils, school staff and families has resulted in the consolidation of a benchmark centre for academic excellence, and not just from an academic point of view in which the quality of its work is outstanding, but regarding all of the other aspects which contribute to the comprehensive education of its pupils.

Why work for us



  • are committed to the global education of our children.
  • inspire and encourage each of our children to develop a passion for learning.
  • provide, within a framework of personalised attention, a quality education based on respect and effort as the essence of our fundamental principles.
  • contribute, in a unique and meaningful way, to the preparation of world citizens, characterised by their sense of responsibility and integrity and who furthermore are thinkers and effective communicators with heightened international awareness.
  • inspire excellence, stimulate learning and creativity, nurture children to discover endless possibilities, equipping them to carve out their educational and professional journey in tomorrow’s challenging world.
  • We genuinely value individuality, enabling children to grow and transform in a way that they find personally satisfying.
  • We push our children to reach their full potential.
  • Our pupils embark on a wide range of university courses, enabling them to be highly successful in their chosen careers, both here in Spain and overseas.
  • Our educational project is complemented by a solid ethical foundation, based on shared values, which is implemented throughout the school and is intrinsically woven throughout all educational stages.
  • Our warmth and friendliness reflects the way we relate to everyone. We take great pride in the strong links forged by our relationships within our school community.
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