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About Modern Knowledge Schools


Our History

Modern Knowledge Schools was established in 1995. During this short period of time, we have grown and flourished because of our dedicated staff. We have much to be proud of, including our accreditation from the Middle States Association (MSA), and our affiliation as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. As a result, students can choose an IB or American Diploma.

As an American curriculum school, MKS is committed to hiring experienced and certified staff members from the U.S. and Canada to teach the core subjects of Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. However, we are also committed to a strong Arabic studies curriculum that is taught by experienced Arab teachers.

Our mission and philosophy is to provide the best education possible to all of our students, and we are proud that our student population includes students from a variety of countries and nationalities. Although we have achieved much, we have much more to achieve. We intend to continue building and improving our school and staff for years to come. Again, we welcome you and thank you for visiting our website, and we invite you to visit Modern Knowledge Schools.


Our Mission

The mission of Modern Knowledge Schools is to develop respectful, responsible, global minded individuals: lifelong learners who contribute towards a peaceful world.


Our Philosophy

Students are placed in an educational environment that challenges and enables them to explore, develop, and apply their intellectual, social, physical and creative abilities as well as critical thinking skills in order to function and interact in a dynamically oriented global society. This formal integrated program embraces all learning experiences to assist students in becoming lifelong learners who can positively and constructively have an impact on a rapidly changing international perspective.


Our Beliefs

- All students have the potential to succeed.

- Everyone is valued and deserves respect.

- Everyone has the right to a safe, clean environment that is conducive to learning.

- Local culture and heritage are an integral part of the learning experience.

- Family and community support are vital for success.

- Learning is fun!


Why work for us


Welcome to the Modern Knowledge Schools (MKS) Human Resources Division.

Modern Knowledge Schools strives for Making Kids Successful. We are committed to providing not only an excellent education for every child, but also an inspiring and nurturing environment in which each student can flourish and achieve personal bests.

Academic success for every student is dependent upon every member within the organization. We are committed to work together - teachers, administrators, parents, to support all students in their development as life-long learners, thinkers and successful contributors to society.

Our dedicated and professional staff understand the importance of individual needs and work closely each student both on an academic and personal level.

MKS professional staff has worked abroad in a variety of international settings further enhancing the global education for students. MKS offers you the opportunity to learn, grow and develop through the exchange and sharing of ideas with experienced colleagues and students.

Teachers who share Modern Knowledge Schools vision and mission are encouraged to apply.


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