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About Primrose English Institute

Primrose English Institute (PEI) is a British teacher-owned language centre in the heart of Mid-Levels, offering pre-school (K1) to secondary school (F3) students a proficient and enjoyable British English language learning experience.

PEI's Founder began her journey in 2004, when she commenced teaching at an English language centre in Hong Kong. Delighted at the impact her teaching methods made on her students, she continued for a further eight years. The students and parents realised that she cared and was committed to them, offering real results along with a sense of humour and excitement about learning English.






The founder's Father (above: second row from front, far left) had a similar experience in the 1960s, whilst teaching at St. George's School, Kowloon, Hong Kong. He returned to England after teaching in Hong Kong for six years, establishing a career as a well-respected headmaster at a country village school.

From experience, we know our students learn English most effectively in small groups. Therefore, all our courses have a maximum of six students per class. This encourages the highest level of interaction between student and teacher. Our courses are custom-designed to emphasise fluency and oral accuracy as students develop optimum speaking, listening and writing skills. We proudly provide a creative and challenging environment to promote self-awareness, enabling each student to achieve his or her own unique potential as they pursue their lifetime English language goals.





Why work for us

Qualifications: At PEI an English language degree or Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) is preferred with a minimum one year of teaching experience; however, we will consider degree holders in other disciplines. You are required to be a *fluent English speaker with a British accent, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) accreditation is essential. We strive to attract talented and passionate teachers who fulfill our mission. We are looking for individuals who not only want to become part of a special learning experience for our students, but who also desire a role contributing to PEI's exceptional status into the future.

PEI offers full support to our teaching staff combined with excellent teaching material and resources, enabling children to learn imaginatively, and to benefit from a continually evolving curriculum.

In addition, we offer a competitive salary and benefits, including health insurance following one continuous year of employment.


*Fluent speakers of English are individuals who acquire the language in infancy and develop the language through adolescence and adulthood within a community where English is spoken as the first language. Fluent-Speaker English competence refers to the ability to use English fluently and spontaneously, to give grammatically accurate responses in communication and to write and speak creatively.




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