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About Tianjin Yinghua International School


Tianjin Yinghua International School, founded in 2003 is a full-time boarding private school integrating kindergarten, primary school, junior middle school, senior middle school, Sino-Canadian high school, Sino-Korea high school, overseas department and Cambridge International School.

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Located in Tianjin Wuqing Area, Tianjin Yinghua International School (TJYH) has very convenient transportation. The fast train from Beijing to Wuqing area needs only 18 minutes, and 10 minutes from Tianjin downtown to Wuqing area. TJYH has steadily developed a reputation for providing an excellent learning environment for students; It has grown to become the biggest international school in the Beijing and Tianjin areas.  It is a full-time boarding private school, integrating primary school, junior middle school, ordinary senior middle school, Sino-Canadian high school and overseas student department.

At present, the school has the total enrollment of 2050 students with more than 80 from Korea, Japan, the USA, Uzbekistan and Taiwan area and 205 frontline teachers with more than 20 foreign teachers from Canada, Britain etc.

Running for 10 years, many countless Chinese students are admitted to the Tsinghua University, Peking University, Toronto University and the world's top 100 universities. The school specially establishes the Department of international students, providing foreign students with study, life, visa and other detailed and thoughtful services. Foreign students in learning Chinese for 8 months will be through the HSK level Four in 100%, one and a half years through HSK level Five, Six in 80%.

And the foreign students can 100% be admitted to the key university in China, and every year a large number of students are admitted to the China first-class universities like Tsinghua University, Peking University etc.


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