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About UWC Singapore East Campus


Opened in 1971 as Singapore International School by then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, UWC South East Asia became a full member of the UWC movement in 1975. For more than 40 years, it has been offering a mission-driven, values-based international education to students from more than 70 nationalities.

A K–12 school, with two campuses and nearly 5,390 students, UWCSEA is now recognised as one of the leading international schools in the world.

UWC South East Asia is a member of the UWC movement. We are a mission-driven organisation with a strong commitment to the educational principles of Kurt Hahn, our founder, and a passionate belief in the importance of education as a force for good in the world.

UWC mission
The UWC movement makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

UWCSEA educational goal
The UWCSEA goal is to educate individuals to embrace challenge and take responsibility for shaping a better world.

UWCSEA ambition
UWCSEA will be a leader in international education. We will have a worldwide reputation for providing a challenging, holistic, values-based education with an emphasis upon academic achievement, service to others, environmental stewardship, teamwork and leadership.

The UWCSEA community expects members to:

• be honest and act with integrity

• avoid prejudice by developing views based on evidence, reasoning and understanding

• be compassionate and morally responsible

• embrace challenge in order to maximise their potential

• help other people

• take an interest in and enjoy friendship with people of all cultures and backgrounds

• minimise their harmful impact on the environment

Students, parents, staff, Board members and alumni are all considered to be part of the UWCSEA community.

Why work for us


UWCSEA's vision is to be a leader in international education, with a worldwide reputation for providing a challenging, holistic values-based education with an emphasis upon academic achievement, service to others, teamwork and leadership.

In the pursuit of this vision, UWCSEA provides teachers with as dynamic and challenging a professional life as could be found anywhere. Our teachers are innovative, experienced and deeply committed to their students' learning. The learning at UWCSEA extends throughout the College community as our staff are active and collaborative learners themselves. 

UWCSEA teachers benefit from exceptional professional learning offerings through our Centre for International Education as well as opportunities to participate in outside programmes.

Our core commitment to a holistic education has resulted in the provision of an extensive range of experiential and service-based programmes. Teachers are expected to contribute wholeheartedly to the provision of both curricular and extra-curricular programmes. All teachers run activities or service projects in addition to their teaching, and also support the College's range of sporting, dramatic and musical performances as well as the extensive expeditions programme, which sees over 200 expeditions outside of Singapore each academic year.

We welcome applications from educators who share our vision and wish to contribute to UWCSEA's unique learning community.

Thank you for your interest in employment with UWCSEA. The College offers staff a supportive, learning-focused work environment. We welcome applications for both teaching and non-teaching staff positions from suitably qualified applicants who wish to be part of our mission to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

Reasons to join UWCSEA

1. A robust professional learning programme that includes peer learning as well as a wide range of professional development opportunities.
2. A highly competitive benefits package.
3. An enjoyable and challenging working environment.
4. UWCSEA’s commitment to being a leader in international education.
5. Our pledge to live our values and share those values with our committed students.
6. The opportunity to work with a dedicated and talented faculty in an environment where expectations are high.
7. Access to a full range of digital tools and peer mentors to support excellence in the use of technology for student learning.
8. Strong staff involvement in the students’ personal and social development.
9. The quality of our facilities and the range of activities and service opportunities.
10. Singapore’s quality of life including extensive opportunities for leisure and travel.


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