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About Wellington College International, Shanghai


Welcome to Wellington College International Shanghai.  Our aim is to give the world’s best schooling to boys and girls from age two to eighteen, so we provide world-class facilities for both boarders and day pupils.  We have a love of learning and we foster that love of learning in our pre-prep, prep and senior schools.

Wellington College has repeatedly been identified as the best independent school in England and we benefit greatly from our close links.  Our real, deep and effective partnership with Wellington College influences our Shanghai community greatly; it is evident in all aspects of our school life.  Our beautiful campus is based on the design and look of Wellington College and many of our teachers have worked there.

We share the Wellington College values.  In Shanghai we want our children to become the very best versions of themselves.  We encourage and expect children to be Inspired, Intellectual, Independent, Individual and Inclusive.

Being Inspired is to be excited by our time at the college and to develop a zest for life.  Being Intellectual is to think critically and to engage in deep learning not limited by any curriculum.  Being Independent is to have the personal, cognitive, social and study skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world. 

Being Individual is to be given the freedom and encouragement to be yourself in every sense and to be given the rich experiences to develop our personal skills and talents. Being Inclusive is to recognise our privileges and to reject elitism and exclusivity by developing moral values, a social conscience and a desire to serve.  We take great pride in our internationalism, our co-educationalism and our service programme.

These values are shared by each of the schools in the College family. Wellington has deservedly earned an international reputation for its focus on the values of courage, integrity, kindness, respect and responsibility.  These values underpin all our conversations with children and all our policies and practice.

The Wellington College family is most famous for the identification of the Wellington Aptitudes.  We do not ask “How intelligent is this child?”, but “How is this child intelligent?”  So we give children multiple opportunities to develop and demonstrate their aptitudes in each of eight areas: logical, linguistic, cultural, physical, social, personal, moral and spiritual.

Why work for us


The name ‘Wellington’ has a worldwide reputation in education for the highest quality of teaching and learning and so it is at Wellington College International Shanghai. Now into our successful third year we continue to draw on over 150 years of the heritage, excellence and success of our partner school, the prestigious royal foundation, Wellington College in Berkshire. 

Wellington College International Shanghai enjoys the strongest possible links with Wellington in England. These links are apparent in every sphere of College life, from the Wellington Aptitudes model of education, the focus on the Wellington Values and the Wellington Identity, the adoption of the traditional Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior School model, to the pastoral care through our house system, the house names and our pupils’ uniform.

We have great ambitions for Wellington College International Shanghai. We want it to be the best international school in Shanghai, in China, and in the world. We have the staff, the facilities, the resources and the philosophy to achieve that.   Our ambitions for the college focus on helping our pupils become the very best adults they can be. We have a clear understanding of what that involves and we describe it as the Wellington Identity. A Wellingtonian will be inspired, intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive. We know that the very best schools develop the whole child and we have offer a distinctive experience that develops all the Wellington aptitudes: moral, spiritual, logical, linguistic, physical, cultural, social and personal. Underpinning these aspirations and this philosophy is our commitment to the Wellington values of kindness, courage, integrity, respect and responsibility.

Shanghai is a great international city and a very exciting and stimulating place to live.  At Wellington in Shanghai, we are developing a College that is an exciting, stimulating and rewarding environment for ambitious and talented teachers.

Wellington’s wonderful buildings and campus offer facilities with a scale and a range that the vast majority of international schools can only dream about. Wellington College in the UK is one of the most prestigious and popular boarding schools in the country, and we in Shanghai offer a level of provision that is comparable in every sense. 


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