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Have you ever wanted to take your career abroad to experience different cultures and an exciting new way of life? Singapore is home to some of the best international schools, one of the highest standards of education available and an enticing environment for teachers who flock here from all over the world, whilst slowly becoming a top destination for tourism in its own right. Singapore offers an excellent nightlife scene, world class restaurants and luxurious shopping facilities. You’ll find glamorous designer clad shopping malls sitting seamlessly beside historical colonial buildings and ancient Buddhist temples. An excellent choice to rest, work and play whilst also furthering your career.

Teach in Singapore

With one of the strongest financial districts in the world, Singapore is a wealthy country with an abundance of excellent international schools. Teaching positions in Singapore generous benefit packages that usually include an attractive salary, accommodation, private health care and return flights. Schools in Singapore adopt English as the chosen language in the classroom, and therefore there’s a high demand for teachers from countries with this as their first language.

Competition for vacancies due to the excellent teaching facilities and lifestyle on offer is fierce. The Singapore Ministry of Education takes an active role in the approval of teachers from overseas with contracts lasting on average between 1 – 3 years.

Education is valued highly in Singapore and as a result excellent teachers are suitably rewarded and well respected. With a large expat community, about a third of Singapore’s population, you’ll have no problem settling in and making new friends.

About Singapore

Singapore is a relatively small but densely populated island just off Malaysia. A major global financial powerhouse with a multicultural population and a tropical climate. Slowly shrugging off its previous perception as being rather dull, it has focused on reinventing itself as one of Southeast Asia’s most modern and dynamic cities.

With a rich colourful history Singapore manages to blend several different nationalities resulting in an exquisite choice of cultural experiences, exotic cuisines and flamboyant architectural styles. As you wander around the main city state you’ll come across neatly arranged colonial, Arab and Indian quarters that have their own distinct appearance and ways of life. Giving the impression that you're visiting several countries in a relatively small confined space.

Huge investments are being made to help Singapore become a tourist destination in its own right, with the country trying hard to showcase an impressive amount of things to do all within easy reach of each other,. You'll have the opportunity to sip 'Singapore Sling' cocktails in the elegant Raffles hotel, walk through the financial district to take in the impressive skyscrapers that are within touching distance of one another, to a cable car ride across the bay to Sentosa Island where you’ll discover tropical sandy beaches and a Universal Studios theme park. Other attractions include designer shopping malls on Orchard Road, the buzz of Chinatown and the exotic mix of Little India where delicious food can be cheaply found in the street food enclaves. Despite being densely populated more than half of the island is actually made up of protected parks and nature reserves.

Teachers who have made the move

I moved to Dubai in 2008, having spent my previous teaching career in Scotland. Working in Dubai was attractive because I was looking for a better work/life balance. I had visited many times, so was comfortable with the culture.
Joan Clark
Deputy Headteacher
Ever since I qualified as a teacher, my family and I had harboured aspirations to experience life abroad. After some advice from friends we decided to take a look at Dubai. It seemed to be a city that was full of opportunity, cultural diversity, great weather and of course financial benefits.
Anthony Hall
Dubai English Speaking School
After teaching in South Wales for four years, I knew that I needed a change and a challenge in my life. I decided I started to look for jobs abroad and applied online to various schools. After an interview in London, I was offered an outstanding opportunity at The English College in Dubai.
Ben Davie
PE Coordinator at Gems Wellington Sillicon Oasis School

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